Poems by
Mitali Srivastava


a poem by Mitali Srivastava

She asked me a simple question
“When will you bring me in this world?”
I looked at her with affection
“I am thinking ‘bout it again”.

There is a dark concrete jungle
and you struggle everyday
we all have become playing cards
pleasure is derived from our play.

So many die with every passing day
souls have become so cheap
There is a disease everywhere
people hardly ever sleep.

Animals in masks everywhere
without listening we walk in a daze
material is the only thing we share
money is the sole craze.

Everything has been contaminated
water, air, hearts and now souls
things seem beyond repair
we are falling in a dark hole.

No one is really happy
we hardly feel content
No one actually admits
but they all want to repent.

There is too much poison everywhere
“How will you breathe in this air?”
she answered with hope and sadness
“Maybe I’ll be the one to bring a change!”