a poem by Jagganathan V

A day’s work had me crying for rest,
Night came and I was dozing off in my nest.
The pleasures of sleep hard to be described,
Is a better medicine than medicines prescribed.
The long sleep, those lovely pleasures, that’s what I care,
But I was denied of it by a dreadful nightmare.
With a shiver and a tremble, I got up from my bed,
And I realised that my face had turned deep red.
Jugs of water I had to quench my fear and thirst,
I suspected that things were looking worst.
Then I thought of the happenings that night,
Inspite of my refusal, I could not forget that sight.
I had gone into a graveyard pitch dark,
All I could hear, was an owl’s hoot and a dog’s bark.
Owls licked blood, vultures hovered in the air
Hounds of threatening wolves, made me wish that it was a nightmare.
My dead friends with sullen faces protruding lungs, spinning heads, cats eyes,
Tall as coconut trees, run together and happily rejoice.
Their claws as big as pens and sharp as knives,
A matter of seconds could take away lives.
Sweating profusely, I shout for mercy at the hands of those ghosts,
Relaxed I am now, they have left me, I think, though not the truth,
For I have woken up, leaving all those nightmares behind me,
And now I continue to drift into a state of rest.