Poems by
Mathangi V


a poem by Mathangi V

Sat on the rock of my life
And reeled before me
The event of my yesteryears.
As I examined different things
A swarm of thoughts like bees
Came disturbing my mind
Stung me with a relentless question
“Am I a poet?
Am I a poet?”
I tried to evade it
But it still stalked me.
I went back to my seven summers
And remembered the days
When I was a lonely seeker of
This precious seed
Wandering everywhere
Asking every one
But no one showed me the way
Nor helped to find its source.

My mind revolved around this thought
If I could find one
And grow a tree of my verse
Which I can call myself own.
My search became fruitless
The seeds others gave me
Had no purity in it,
No characteristics true
I thought my search came to an end.
But then suddenly a lightening
Flashed across my mind
Striking my heart
A voice said,
Find out my pal,
Find out,
It lies nowhere
It lies within your soul
May be lying undiscovered
So dig up and dig up hard.
I followed my voice
And went ahead with my duty
Never forsaking the quest
And at last I found one.
I placed it in my palm
Watered it
And started to grow
The tree of my verse
But still a
Doubt persisted
“Am I a poet?”
As I sat thinking

A bird that was an usual visitor
Of tree of my poetry,
And sat in
On one broken branch of
My verse.
May be seeing
With out my asking
It whispered into my ears
“Yes, you are a poet.
Yes, you are a poet.”
Is not for this reason that
We come and take shade
In your tree,
Taste its fruits,
Feel the warmth of its breeze
Yes, you are a poet.
The final answer satisfied me
When I looked around
The swarm of thoughts
Was no more!