Letting Go

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Washing my favorite dress I saw a stain and I began to cry
For tonight was the dance and for him I wanted to be right
I interrupted my thoughts so that I could get along
And discovered in my heart that this all must be wrong

So I wash that stupid dress
I went to that great dance
I thought positive thoughts
You were glad I was the girl you bought
I danced all night long

I rolled over that night and touched your hand
And found that I was a woman and you were my man
As you laid there not even knowing how I felt
I inhaled the fragrance of how you smelt
I wandered down your body with my eyes
And caressed every part of you with no surprise

If you were awake I would look away
But close to you my beautiful love I would stay
No I am not shy
I just know that beauty is you in my eye
Tossing your love up on my heart
Leaving out all that has no part

I come to you with open arms
And sing you songs to spread my charms
You act like I just don’t exist
And yet I’ve claimed you with a kiss

I know that you have another life
I know that you don’t want a wife
You find so many things to do lately
I am bored and sulk and try to be faithful
But I don’t want us to drift apart
I don’t want another to steal my heart

I know I have someone too
But you knew I was falling in love with you
So I sit here another lonely night
Trying to avoid another dreadful fight
Because I miss you my friend
And I don’t want to give up my love again
The End