Poems by
Mathangi V


a poem by Mathangi V

In the midnight at twelve
we all had a drooping pulse.
That was on August15th 1947,
when we thought India will turn to a heaven!

Today there is no gay!
So we cannot make hay!

Love and affection are always fine.
But for wonder, we celebrate a day for Valentine,
Mom and dad are not for say.
oh, poor we do have mothers’ and fathers’ day!

Nature is a wonderful creation,
destruction of creation is frustration.

Great leaders stood for India’s erection,
oh poor, even in defense we have corruption.

Tradition and culture are not for amusement,
now, retrograde and vulgar stays for debasement,
Girls and boys mingle. That is no wrong
but, without limit it would be a bang.

My sweet country, you don’t worry.
Sure, there will be a re entry.

Now for this dissolution,
hello youngsters, let us take a resolution;
to make a revolution against this devolution.
we will ascent today’s decent.

Decadence is a hunter,
we will face him with splendour
and tell others that we are thunder.