Poems by
Kumar Vaitinadin

Feel it all

a poem by Kumar Vaitinadin

Contrast is the word,
Opposite is what it means,
Parallel you can see them,
You see it all,

Feeling the power of loneliness
Enjoying the company of solitude,
You would like it still,
You will like it all,

With no one to speak,
Yet you have a talk,
Having a response from nowhere,
Yet, you talk it all,

Seeing thru’ you closed eyes,
In the middle of mid-night darkness,
All you see is beauty, overall,
You see it all…

Talking to no one,
Seeing thru’ closed eyes,
You do hear the silent talks,
As it happens , you hear it all,

Joy and sorrow, contrast are they,
Sorrow, as you are alone,
Joy, as you know one,
You experience it all,

Right or wrong, you never know,
Right, as it is from your loved one,
Wrong, if it is against,
Sorry, you cannot judge it all,

Expecting your better half,
A door bell or a telephone ring,
As incoming mail or a vehicle stop,
You wait and wait, not for all…

You hate the beauty of rose,
As you know the most beautiful of all
But to see it on her,
You will love it all…

You would cry for joy,
If not laugh at them,
You lighten at sorrow,
You would do it all

A pie for others,
A pendant for her,
Both seems equal,
Unequal accept it, will you not at all…

All these just for one,
One to live with you thru’
Thru’ an endless journey,
You feel it all
“If you fall in love.”