Poems by
Kumar Vaitinadin

Decadence of our souls

a poem by Kumar Vaitinadin

Sitting in a bus,
Watching as lives rush,
Pondering over lost thoughts,
Trying to find unanswerables,

Meeting new people,
But a wandering soul can never rest,
All that’s new seems so good,
But a pondering soul can only brood,

Good or bad, time has to say,
Want for good always remains unfulfilled,
Unwant always overflows,
To use them, a sharpened soul is all that’s needed,

Watching the bus speed past,
It’s always hard to digest past,
Time seems to be so fast,
and a soul seems, its rest, to have long lost,

All that’s far seems so real,
Still and so good to watch,
Building castles in the air, so unreal
As we sit trying, the distance, to touch,

Never realise do we,
unreal, the surroundings to us,
Trying to reach the limitless,
We neglect, all that’s in our limits,

The near seems so fast,
Hardly do we glimpse them,
Nor do we try to watch,
forget about the catch,

All we do watch are the milestones,
Each fly across the memory lane
All it denotes is just
We are nearing our rest,

Foresee a little into future,
See it pass by us,
enjoy the taste of the past,
Things we never do

Keep looking at the distance,
Letting time kill us,
Felling the pain of past and present,
That’s nature and what we do…

A hard fact to digest,
Neither a costly shoe cannot cover a head,
Nor a cheap cap protect your feet,
All we try is just that,

Paying importance to what is past,
Never thinking of the present,
Forgetting about the future,
What we have achieved is…

“Decadence of our souls”