Poems by
Khamar Firdawsee

The Gods

a poem by Khamar Firdawsee

Seek not the Gods
In temples and churches,
Or in the mosques;
It is a vain search.

They are gods
Those who never once cease
To help the needy;
And die for peace.

Seek not the gods
In the Sacred Books
Of different creeds
With divers looks.

They are true gods
That go not stray
Who guide the world
To the righteous way.

Say not the gods
Are the Holy Spirits
Neither heirs of the Heaven,
Nor it’s favourites.

Men who work and work
Sweat, toil and die
For the poor,
Are the precious gods high.

Praise not the gods
With beauty and grace
For beauty is often
Hideous and base.

They that are kind
Cheerful and gay
Are the gods
Great of this world and day.

Friends! do not dream
Of the gods and the hoors
It is a heathen belief
Of the Pagan Moors.

Friends!! do not dream
Of the Heaven or Hell,
For what you sow,
You reap here as well.