a poem by Rahul Dass

Thinking of thoughts
I had as a young boy
The thoughts
Which I dreamt of an attractive toy
I am nostalgic

Remembering the acts
As am adult
The act, which were an eye-opener
And life’s hard facts.
I am nostalgic

Nostalgia is like opium
Giving pleasure and pain
Of times gone by
And of the days bygone

The harder you recall
The clearer it gets
Nostalgia brings out memories, which are vivid
Some happy, some which make you livid

Nostalgia is strange
In perspective which you can’t arrange
What’s right now
Was wrong then somehow

As a first grade student, I had been impudent
My father had thrashed me
The memory then painful
To him I am now grateful

Memories can work wonders
Make you happy when feeling low
Make you full when feeling hollow
Make you see beyond the yonder

Nostalgia is not for the classes
It is for the masses
Everyone has it
From the worker to the top bosses

Dear god I pray to thee
Please give people selective memory
So that they can smile at every moments
Even at times of excess torments
With never a recall of sad thoughts train
And joy whenever they jog down memory lane.