Poems by
Khamar Firdawsee

They are the flattering Foes

a poem by Khamar Firdawsee

These that say
‘You are my love’
When you’re rich and gay;
   But when your soul
   In sorrow rends
   These ‘Loves’ shall fly away.

And when you sip
That bitter cup
Of distress and dismay;
   Soon these ‘Lips’
   Shall lo! wind up
   Your company that day.

But he that loves
And loves you too
In your darker sides;
   When you grieve
   He bears with you
   Even in stormy tides.

And he that helps
Helps in your need
And he that shares your woes’
   Oh! He is true
   True ‘LOVE’ indeed,
   The rest are flattering foes!!