Poems by
Jasbir Nagpal


a poem by Jasbir Nagpal

World was not built in a day
Neither the friendship you cherish
Someone sends a signal
It makes you soft somewhere
You feel like responding
To the friendly hand
To the refreshing air
That created the ambience
The smile wins you over
Friendship grows on you

Through thick and thin
A friend is with you
You enjoy the sunshine
Face a plenty of rains
Someone by your side
World is not that morose
Through dreary paths
Feeling of togetherness
Patches of happiness
Sees you through

Life is all full of fun
Sandwiched between fights
It’s the reconciliation
That keeps you alive
Real friends are a few
Rest are all give and take
Most are like motels
You pay and stay
On a long journey
To your goal far away

Someone lives for money
Someone for fame
The power corrupts far many
Physical appearance and beauty
Attracts far many more
Very few derive pleasure
Being friendly and help all
It’s their poise and nature
That they are friendly to all