a poem by Philby John Jovial

You look on to the streets,
And you see that blind man on the ground,
with a begging bowl in hand
And you know what life is

You see a stray dog on the road,
And you know its going to die,
‘cause its got nothing to bite
And you know what life is

You scream out to the sky, WHY?
And you get no reply
And you know what life is
You try not to think,
But you can’t hold back that thought
of those millions that die
And you know what life is

Oh, and then there’s the brighter side of life
You come home;greeted with kisses and a sigh,
And you see those tears in their eyes,
And you know what’s life.

You can share your thoughts,
your emotions, with a loved one,
And you know its worth the try,
Then you know that’s life
And finally you understand that there are
friends who would do things for you
That makes you a bit high,
And you know that’s life.