Poems by
Indira K V

Dear Daughter

a poem by Indira K V

Dressed up beautifully
Decorated with ornaments
Sealed with a smile
Where are you going
My dear daughter

When you were born
I touched your tender hands
Kissed your dimple chin
Hugged you
I dropped you in school
Taught you lessons
Played with you
Got you chocolates
Everything you wished
Where are you going
Leaving me today

Your little hands are
Decorated with mehandi
And your chin is blushing
Everyone is around you
Dressing you up
Teasing you
People say you will
Belong to somebody else
After those three knots
Is it true
My daughter

I have seen you laughing
Seen you crying
Seen you shouting
Seen you for the past 25 years
I have showered all my love on you
I have shared your emotions
Your joys and your silly things
Today you are going
How can you
Leave me and go

I see you still as a
Small baby
Swinging in my hands
A school girl crying to go to school
A young girl
Telling lots and lots of stories and silly jokes
Your little legs learnt to walk from me
Today it is going away from me
New relations are around you
Greeting you
Hugging you
Taking you away from me

I know it is my duty
To get you married
But my eyes cannot control my emotions
I bless you my child
But still I have a question
My dear daughter
Are you happy
Leaving me