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Good night, father!

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

As night ascends,
Moon shines bright along with twinkling stars
On the dark background of this beautiful night,
I try to find you among them–
“My dear late father,
Where you are?”

Tears flood my eyes
Recalling your recurring past memories;
I try to gather myself
To overcome present miseries.

I dream of what you dreamt every day,
Continue the journey on my way;
Stumbling upon many hurdles I fall,
Broken down,
I make a desperate call.

A soothing whisper breaches my ear,
Speaking gently,
“Get up, my dear son! I am always there.”
The divine spirit with your physical form,
Vanishes with a lovely smile;
Everything comes to a norm.

Keeping my damp phone aside
With a loud yawn,
I wish to see you in the next morning,
At the earliest of the dawn.