Poems by
Indira K V

Faded memories of my heart

a poem by Indira K V

Faded memories of my past
Touch my heart and go
I return back to my old home
Where I met my first love
Later my husband
Standing in balcony
I remembered my
First look at him
With shyness and anxiety
My eyes showed the joy
I felt after 25 years
A life of struggles
I moved to my room
Full of dust and insects
Still I could feel the fragrance
Where we speak stories
Day and night
In my bed he was sitting
Calling me
A moment later, I realized
It was my illusion
The first tears of my eyes
Fell at my saree
He had presented me
It had lost its glamour
Not its love
I touched my car
My favourite one
Green in color
In which he took me on first drive
It is now a rusted steel
But for me
Its a precious wealth
Of my past life of happy days
I went on for a walk through the chilly roads
I sat below a tree
Which would tell stories of my love
The flowers and stars were surprised
To see me alone???
I cried to them
Saying I have lost him
Today he is no more
To take me for a drive
Speak to me
Still the memories of my life spent with him
Is with me
I see him everywhere in my home
His laugh, words, thoughts,
His love, arrogance and
He himself is with me
The morning dawned
I packed my luggage
And his thoughts
At the door I found these words
‘Thanks for your love’
I took that and moved
‘Thanks for your love too’