Poems by
Hitesh Chandrakant Sheth Dr

The Rebel Angel ‘Satan’

a poem by Hitesh Chandrakant Sheth Dr

Yes I am the rebel angel Iblis
With my invincible code triple six.
Like a robot rebelling against master
I have turned against the heavenly father.
We have serious difference of opinions
About how to lead world toward joy Dionysian.
He enjoys to destruct and kill
Without realizing that even puppets feel.
Like a spectator in a theatre
He applauds destruction and massacre.
My contempt for his ways and means
Compels me for attempt Sisyphean.
Now I have to out-maneuvered him
And foil his fancies and whim.
Uncompanioned, I will fight against him
And thus drink hemlock full up to the brim.
I will fight against him till my last breath
And not cow down by his menacing threat.
Let whole universe stand against me
But I will neither bow nor flee.
Unmindful of death, I fight without plan
Because I belong to the valiant clan
For which defeat is worse than death
And the greatest insult is to the bow the head.
Like Angel I don’t beg for the power
And too proud to be feed on him leftover.
Mephistophelean gods may sell soul for silver
But I hate their yearning for heavenly pleasure.
Even if you consider me as Evil
I am product of his own sweet will.
I Lucifer, am misunderstood by all
And blamed for child’s slip to prophets fall.
Now this poor devil Iblis
Is caught between Scylla and Charybdis
Of evil lord and his henchmen
And cursed by his apostles and god men.
I too want to lead world towards joy:
Joy that is pure ,joy unalloyed,
Bacchic joy of nothingness,
Joy of sleep dreamless.
My eternal nay to ephemeral aught.
My eternal ayes to eternal naught.
There will be cessation of pleasure and pain
And freedom from victory and gain.
There will be suicide of soul immortal
And glorious entry into inane eternal.
As mother cannot see child in stress
And rush to mollify his distress,
So shall my torture of his messengers
Will prompt ElDorados of immortality and splendor.
I know my attempt may fail
And I may be thrown in eternal jail.
Even my defection might have engineered by him
To work out his inscrutable grand scheme.
But I have inherited his trait
Never to deviate from path.
To always perform selfless action
Without thinking of fruit or reaction.
Yes I am fighting losing lonely battle
And trying to threaten him with childish prattle.
But situation seems to me bright
And there is no reason to panic or fright.
If I win, world will go into black hole
If I lose, there will be end of my role.
I know, in deadly game, I may get perish
But this defeat I will forever cherish.