Poems on

Mount Kailash

a poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Har Har Mahadeva,
Har Har Mahadeva,
Shiva, Shiva,
Let the world be
With the blessings of Shiva,
Lord Shiva,
Bhole Shankara,
Shiva Shankara,
Sambhu, Bholenath,
With the Kamanadala and the Trident
And in the Rudraksha beads,
Nilkantha Har Har Mahadeva.

A sadhaka,
A yogi,
A fakira,
A crematorium ground wanderer
Smearing the forehead
With the three ash-lines,
The Yoginath,
On Kailash
In a meditative state
Of the transcendental meditation.

One whose neck is blue
As for the poison taken
During the churning of the ocean
And the poisonous snakes coiling
With the Ganga flowing from
The locks of the matted hair,
How to stand before
With the holds folded
And the eyes closed
Seeking the blessing from
Shiva, Shiva Shankara?

One who rides a bull,
Remains half-naked, half-clothed
Into the loin cloth,
The tiger cloth
With the kamandala, the trishula
Going the way
Unmindful of
Having taken bhang, datura,
Sambhu, Bhole Sambhu,
Shiva Shanakara,
Har Har Mahadeva,
You take my,
Take my homage,
Tribute, my reverence!

I see the peaks of Mount Kailash
And think of,
Think of the peaks in glow,
In snow,
During the night,
During the morning
While going through Mansarovar,
Marking the waters of,
Kailash, Kailash,
Mount Kailash,
How the peaks of,
Peaks of it
Radiating, glowing it red,
How looking white during the chill!