Horseplay Horse Story

a poem by Jayati

Power of pen, manipulate
Bribe, postulant motivate
Family underground
Classified catty Kay sesame.
Cash flushed, spotless white, doe eyed
Take pride as non voter
Myopic arbitrator, possibly traitor?
Untidy stride, unhealthy mind
Feign to avoid politics
“Sure sex… but… also love,” elucidate;
Argue with pride as if for his
Great charity donation the past, history waits.
Anyone cares?
Extrinsic extravaganza
Poker stroke, produce open fire
Blurred vision on Ramayana.
Extramural scrimmage
Scribe, scribble attempt, damage
Extraneous, extraordinaire, satirical fanfare
Tease existence, appease conscience.
Commercial Banker
Pre-historic, presuppose
“Sex, crime, violence.”
Preposterous presumption
Sardonic prerogative
Prepaid preparation
Cathode desecrate
Cogitate hatred
Pathetic fallacy
Emboss animosity, fiendish
faux pas, empathy jeopardise.
Emissary emollient? Bulldozed silence!
Intelligentsia, non interfering, appreciate, non violence;
Priest’s advice to Ram decipher, let the horse loose, for bloodless
conquests. Naturally “Ashwamedha Yagya” written for or against.