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The Melting Time

a poem by Gowtham

Matter in many forms.
Water in three phases.
Hotter when it melts.
Heater makes the air hot.
Summer Hotter.
Winter Cooler.

Warmer the globe becoming.
Murmur not. No rumour.
Rather the global warming.
Farther in time
Crawling the disaster.
Melting ice signaling the onset
More greener trees to offset.
Believing not to be upset.

When all parameters are well set
A decline in the upsurge.
Urging helps to offset.
Like aging heart the mother earth.
Like heart beat the ups and
Down the warming temperature.
Still not too late.
With Faith and Belief
In scientific wisdom.
In spending energy the mankind
Rather on the usual move.
The melting ice freezes too.
Reversing the concept.

Some concepts are tricky
But they don’t violate the basic laws.
Farther in the Sun
Flare and layers erupting
In time still farther.
How all the sea can evaporate
Sun’s History Billions years.
Seeing many generations
Mankind seeing the horizon.

In the merry time
Why to Bother.
Who can wait so longer and grow so older.
The gravity force even magnetic in nature.
Are poles becoming stronger.
Then hope the earth may turn even cooler.

When it really cooled
The earth crust formed.
Hard to forget.
As usual it may be cooling further
Making the earth crust thicker.
Now the God must be greater and mightier.