On the move

a poem by Gowdhaman M

Energy moves every wheel
Even the flying turbine.
Near and far
It makes you travel.
Generally efficient
Ingenious ignition and combustion.

Number many the rotations it achieves.
Every move on control
More the moves more it moves,
Fuels energy packed.

Everywhere available in some form.
Energy makes things move.
Ever conserved the energy.
In some form.
Nonstop it moves as though perpetual.

Planets too move not
Without energy
In force field.
Here and there every move
Is distance
On earth, in the sky
And in the universe.

At the speed of sound or supersonic
Even in the light that travels
The energy is subtle.
Moments of dynamism of the mass.

Yes, every planets on the move
In the inertial frame of rather ether.
Relativity subtle and obvious
In the moves matters make.
Electrons orbit the nucleus
In every atom.
And obvious the moon and earth
Move around the Sun.
The electromagnetic wave light
Also move an as rays.

Like cause and effect
Energy the source of move
Yes, duel the matter and energy.