The Snow Yet

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The tides are on waves.
High above the troughs and crests.
Energy carried along.
Surely the particle on the move.
New forms of energy.
The electromagnetic energy matters.
Wobbling the sphere.
Yet the snow drops condenses and
Bound to vapourise.

Every day the snow a scene
In season.
Absorbing the white light
In the transparent snow drops.
Little rain drops
Over the leaves of bushes
And the tiller flowers.
The snow drops may vanish.
Like tears are they
Warm and hot.
Yes. They vanish.
Time moves on in steps.

The little drops of snow
Like rain drops
Vanish with season every year.
The rays on the sun
On the snow drops
Do make a visible spectrum.

The little birds fly
Fluttering the wings
Over the bushes and grooves.
The little drops fall.

Even over the little blade
Of grass the snow resting.
Glittering in the sunshine.
Moments so real.
Moments of pain and pleasure
Too vanish in time.

What is permanent.
There are hard stones.
There are little snow drops.
The colourful flowers fragrant too.
The flavours move on.
The photons in the pollen
And around the orbital petals.

Everything numbered
The colour coded on the waves
Travel and display colour and picture
A layer rather.

Are atoms codes of matter.
Light is lighter as photons
And wavy.
High energy rays from the Nucleus.
The spectrum of waves
So wide and known.
The matter mixed.

More energy.
More matter.
Matter too in many forms.
Energy contained.
The inner of earth
Hot Lava or Plasma.
On surface of earth trees
Flowers and fruits.
The candle flame too a plasma.

Men on earth’s crust.
There are oceans too.
Streams of river and water
And story of men.
The water content of
Of the seas and clouds.
Do they promise life
On earth.
Do the little rain drops
Really vanish.

Matter is conserved.
Water can’t disappear.
Rays of Sun is energy.
More fuel. More energy.
More water. More life.
The earth surfaced
From the oceans.
Whether water has disappeared.
Conserve water.
Save life.
The ecological balance
In dynamic equilibrium.