Poems by
Giselle D Mehta

Dawn of Dreams

a poem by Giselle D Mehta

From sunrise to sunset
Of a level of hope
May remain the regret
Of unfulfilled scope.

One belatedly reflects
In wisdom’s hindsight
If in retrospect
One’s choices were right?

It seems that one wandered
Through a winding maze
Precious time squandered
In unfocused gaze.

One may choose to migrate
To fresh territories
To dream and contemplate
Fresh possibilities.

Yet seen in broader view
All one’s choices are right
Experience has its due
As a beacon light.

Like the birth of each dawn
Which has seen one before
Lessons are drawn
From yesterday’s store.

In the quest to grow
To our dreams’ measure
Are debts that we owe
To the past and its treasures.