Poems by
Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

My Tears

a poem by Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

With tears in my eyes,
My sole heart cries;
For, for that thing,
Which has not become a string;
Without any supports, without any cares-
Drop, drop my lonely tears…

My heart pours out,
Like a perennial sprout-
And floods me
To the vast sea
Of sorrow and pain,
Filled with my eyes rain…

My eyes are red today:
Says the suns illuminating rays;
For it has wept and wept
For the agony that crept,
Into the heart deep;and pained
Without any rest, without any sleep.

Will anyone ever Got send-
For the pain to end?
Shall I ever stop weeping-
And into the anguish, sinking?
Will there be someone to stop my tears-
And wrap me in the whole-hearted cares?

My heart asks you,
These questions a few,
With the thought that-
You will send someone
To illuminate my life
As the glaring sun.