Poems by
Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Tragedy in space

a poem by Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Humans hands are crossing sky limit,
Beyond the distant sky so far.
In space the life tries to meet;
And touch the feelings of brightening star.

Thou! pour the fear to modify God,
And step in beyond the fearful limit.
The rocket launched by human lord,
Tries to modify them to exact meet.

Kalpana the Indian born American spirit,
Was a unsung hero in this human earth.
Crossed and won a God built limit,
But never returned to proof her mirth.

A tragedy in space was proved by her,
Which profused the earth in thy eternal spirit
She’s not here but in a high resuming far,
But she has won the hearts by crossing thy limit.

NASA took her intelligence and sent her to space,
Sixteen days in space was she in spirit.
Round and round she moved by the grace,
In every step in limit.

She was rather known as “Immortal Image”
In the eyes of every literate life.
Her life reached an inspirative stage;
Because of her hard work and strife.

Colombia took her to eternal sleep,
Every people were washed in tears.
The world shouted in way for grief,
But the minds of the people were urging in fears.