Poems by
Dinesh V P

Creating a paradise on earth

a poem by Dinesh V P

Pathways that are endless
Filled with sorrow and happiness
Come, come, Oh! New year
Let all the past be clear.

Let the coming year be joyful
“Oh!”, says no soul
Let the sorrow be stuck in mire
And melt in the fire.

In the coming year, hope for the best
Even when God puts us on test
With a heart that must never tire
Even in high degrees of fire.

Do no bad deeds to others
Else, when lose, who bothers?
There is one who looks us from the sky
And let’s abide Him by.

Never in distress be a yellow belly
Fight against sorrow courageously
Hold the sorrow at the bay
And never lead yourself astray.

Always keep your head up
Let everybody see and clap
Stand brave against dearth
Creating a Paradise on earth.