Tale of Two Cities

a poem by Sathyanarain M

As I trudged into the city,
There was celebration in the air.
Some looked at me with pity
But, nothing was I aware.
I was led by a few, God given
And in the path, His driven.
Looking around the city, the new city;
And I, at times, fell in pity.
Played around by the Almighty
Oh! In this unknown city
I came in, as none, a nothing,
As I made my name, something.
Stayed around with my folks
Happy and at times remorse
A mixed bag of emotions:
Oh! Couldn’t understand his motions
When I entered, there was celebration
And now as I leave, there is none
I came to this city as none.
I leave the city as the same.
Nothing to call mine;
But oh! To God it is fine.
As I leave, my new found friends cry
I now trudge along the unknown path
The dry path leading to the next city
At times do I feel, go back to my friends;
But I smile- That’s impossible…