Lessons that Life has taught me

a poem by Sanchita

Life has always taken unexpected turns
People have come and gone, yet I am still the same
But life has constantly changed over all these days
Meanwhile, I slowly learnt how to play the game

The game called life has taught me a lot now
I know there’s more to come, good as well as bad
Lessons that I have learnt, will help me survive
Will help me overcome bad experiences that I have had

Never take anyone or anything for granted in life
Because no one or nothing remains same forever
People change, places change, so constantly adapt
Don’t say no to opportunities, never say never

Make plenty friends, but try as much to be independent
Friends will not make right decisions always
So stay firm, hold your ground and be decisive
Your strength can carry you through bad days

Remember bad times will not be around for too long
If you are in a trouble situation, remember you will come out of it soon
As long as you know what you are doing is correct, keep fighting
Staying optimistic and looking ahead in life is always a boon

Love your family, care for them the most
All the worldly things will come and go
But family’s support and love is long-lasting
They are all that you have, you will know

Don’t count the days you have or the days that are gone
Make each day count till you reach your goal
No one has stopped you from spreading love and laughter
So be the person you are, person with a good soul

So life will always be a roller-coaster ride
But that doesn’t mean you get scared to ride it
Although there have been plenty downs in this ride
I have enjoyed this ride called life and am still living it