Poems by
Chili Dog


a poem by Chili Dog

Warm and wet, hungry for each other,
Lovingly entwined, submerged.deep inside.
The power of loving, of giving, of sharing
Of holding and touching, and kissing and stroking.
What brings us together, what keeps us apart?

Fate, destiny, a time to learn?
A need to love, a need to be loved?
The chemistry is real
What will keep it alive?
Curiosity, giving, surrender?

A trust that abandon will be safe.
A haven to explore
The shadows, the light, the curves of your body
The taste of your skin, the look in your eyes
The feel of you deep inside me.

I look behind and I look ahead
Many roads, many turns
Many ways to go
Beautiful pathways, roads pitted with holes
Flowers and sunshine, thorns and clouds.

Two ships that meet briefly in the dark?
Or two boats in a safe harbor?
Whatever has passed, and whatever will be
In this moment out of eternity
There is only us.