Poems by
Chili Dog


a poem by Chili Dog

The cold New Year
Brings with it hope
Cold winter nights
Short winter days
Sweaters and mufflers
Cuddling and warmth

But for those on the streets
No joy, hope or warmth
A struggle for survival
A hard fight for life

Then comes the springtime
The beginning of new life
Babies, flowers, awakening.
Young loves, new dreams, new lives

The onset of summer
Sun high in the sky
Our love is now older
Please don’t let it die

The leaves have turned color
The north wind starts to blow
Our love is so precious
But will it survive?

With Autumn comes colors
Gold everywhere
The leaves are all falling
Is our love still alive?

I look all around me
The trees are all bare
Cold fingers around me
Darkness everywhere

I lie in the cold
The wind in my hair
And long for the warmth
Of a heart that really cares.