Poems by
Candice Scannell


a poem by Candice Scannell

November 23rd is a day I will always remember
It was rainy and cold – not very nice weather
But at 4:35 after a long hard night
The clouds opened up and the sky turned so bright

I was given a gift from the heavens above
It was a little boy who I would spoil with love
I knew the first time I held you we were a perfect pair
You were such a cute baby with tones of dark hair

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes
A perfect round face and cute button nose
8lbs 5oz you were a great size
With long dark lashes and great big blue eyes

Now that was 8 years ago and it still seems like yesterday
The days of cribs and diapers have all gone away
They’ve been replaced with Nintendo and Pokemon cards
Pikachu, Charmandar and of course Bulbalzor

I watch Dragon Ball Z with you so we can spend time together
I know this sounds selfish but I wish you could stay young forever
There will come a day when you’ll branch out on your own
A part of me will always be with you so you’ll never be alone