Poems by
Candice Scannell

A Dangerous Game

a poem by Candice Scannell

What is the perfect weight? Now that’s the question
Trying to reach it can become an obsession
There’s so much pressure to be thin
We’ve lost sight that beauty comes from within

How they determine sizes confuses us all
Because a size large fits like a small
Some things I buy, I’m a size four
But then have to buy a ten at a different store

Diets and pills are a danger to your health
I know this because I’ve done them myself
Always searching for a way to lose those last ten pounds
Then only pretending to eat when people are around

The scale is your best friend when the number decreases
But when the number goes up your self-esteem shatters to pieces
You’ll do anything now to get rid of that imaginary roll
But now you have an eating disorder and have lost control

Please get some help – just take the first step
It’s a decision you’ll make that you won’t regret
Your life isn’t measured in inches and pounds
And the world would be a sad place if you weren’t around

So just love yourself for who you are
And stop yourself before you go too far
We have lost so many to this dangerous game
Anorexia and Bulimia are a ‘disease’ not just a name