Poems by
Bindia Rajpal


a poem by Bindia Rajpal

A truth exists if you must know,
Life and death are friends not foe,
When rot sets in life must sprout,
Magnificence ascends nary a doubt,

It is I agree an observed fact,
Falsehood, greed have formed a pact,
I’ll give my all for a gain,
Deaf to someone’s cry of pain.

Money and fame – its all a game,
Fortune’s fickleness chasten and tame.
But life does often kick in the rear,
Can wealth then wipe the flowing tear?

What about delving into the past?
When great cultures did their brilliance cast?
Those good times of yonder years,
Memory bountiful its head rears.

The seesaw of living has its fall,
After each era has given it’s all.
Other’s labours grant reprieve to some,
Complacency making their minds numb.

A few figures however remain in time,
Who tenaciously the ladder climb,
Let the world go it’s decadent way,
They illuminate like a glorious ray.

Piercing the gloomy crevices of hell,
Create in it’s midst a heavenly dell.