Poems by
Bindia Rajpal

The Pathways of Life

a poem by Bindia Rajpal

It was a reel of film racing ahead,
When yesterday the sea beckoned.
It’s waves holding aloft a hardy boat,
the busy commerce of the place,
the balmy breeze fanning the cheek.
Now I traverse the mountain path,
the untrodden, the majestic sight,
and I pitted against the grandeur.
Each step must be carefully trod,
each bone must be stretched
to play the part nature allotted it.
Fragile and weak in body, in will
strong as the craggy cliff.

The fertile valleys slip past like a dream,
The dusty desert dunes don their ochre robes.
Fierce and strong Nature rises again,
the eye surveys the wilderness vast,
the barren beauty with its terrible charm.
Hardy and roughened it’s denizens,
weather beaten and yet carrying on.

Thus blows the life giving breath,
Through myriad lands and mighty shores,
The wooded glade, the treacherous ways,
The fierce cataract, the peaceful ponds,
So different yet so strangely same,
Life goes on in different modes.