Poems by
Asha Ramesh

The world that was…

a poem by Asha Ramesh

His body shaking uncontrollably
With emotion so strong
That made his jaws chatter long
Hit as if by a gush of wind.

Start life, he has to, from scratch
Lost, he has, everything dear
He sees no road in front or anyone near
It is a journey, long and lonely, ahead.

The images flash past, one by one
Of hard work, joy and sorrow
Realizing dreams, one by one, for the morrow
Memories – now just stinging insect bites!

The faces dance in front of him
Like shadows in the dark
Without them, he cannot make a mark
Pain – now just a second skin!

He still can’t believe the way his world
Came crashing down suddenly;
Like a pack of cards built precariously
On grounds never thought shaky.