a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

Everybody on this earth
seems a lil’bit restless,
a lil’bit of insanity
surrounds everybody,
some craziness winking inside
yet every one wants to show
he’s normal confuting others
knowing inside he’s making
fool of himself only,
being a wing of this contaminated society around.

A society that’s full of
pollution, virus, and drugs,
a society that’s oozing
bullshit politics, scams and scandals,
a society that’s dilapidated
with pains and poverty,
a society where moral values, ethics
and truth are
mere words only,
a society where Gandhi and Buddha
have become few names only,
a society that’s going under
decadence gradually

Yet people are habituated to it,
to be one of the,
rather so called responsible creature,
even if they know that
the whole system is handicapped,
yet they don’t want to come
out of the sick atmosphere,
as every body is busy
in search of a grand fake mask,
to cover up all the hypocrisy
loosing their sense of decorum.