Poems by
Aparna Ram

When will the awakening come?

a poem by Aparna Ram

How stone-hearted people are!
Here I lie, pain searing through my heart,
The wound seeping into my flesh
Yet, who cares.

I’ve served them for long
Given my heart
Given my soul
Gone beyond myself. All in vain…

But now, when I yearn
When I’m in need of succour,
Of reassurance, of relief,
They turn their backs to me.

For too insignificant I now am,
Having done my duty
It is not for me to desire anything more-
Not a little pity. Not even compassion.

I am a burden now,
A burden that refuses to let go them.
A burden so sickening,
The very sight of me nauseates them.

Is illness not a common thing?
Do the ill have to be shunned?
Do they have to be denied all pleasures?
Do they have to suffer unto death?

I yearn for a kind look,
A soothing word,
A relieving touch,
But I’m left yearning.

When will all this come to an end?
When will you deliver me from the pain?
Do I not have the right
To a painless, dreamless sleep?
Tell me…