Poems by
Aparna Ram

Will you allow me the truth?

a poem by Aparna Ram

Rain feels like a thousand drops of dew
Bedecking my persona in its beauty,
Like priceless pearls bejewelling me
Plastering hair to hair, skin to skin
There I stand, open to its mastery over me.

Yet, there is something so enigmatic in its touch;
Like as if it wanted to tell me something,
Whisper secrets unto my ears,
Let me into its intriguing charm.

Pleasure and pain mix as it
Finds its way through me.
An inexplicable blend – of agony that is,
And ecstasy that should be.

I stand in truth to the torment
I stand in truth to the thrill
Baring my soul, baring my all.
Foolish would any disguise now be.

It knows all, knows everything-
The devil which lurks in the shrouds of the saint, it sees.
Yet, with unbiased benevolence
It lends its glory to all who seek.

I stand there, yearning to become one with the ultimate,
Thirsting to know the truth of it all,
Begging to be allowed the knowledge,
Begging to be allowed the privilege.

I still stand there, pondering…
Would any mortal magnanimity ever equal
This divine pittance?
Would a single thing of beauty
Ever surpass its dazzling splendour?
One will never know…