Poems by
Antrina Valencia Rodrigues

Sunny’s Desert Rose

a poem by Antrina Valencia Rodrigues

You called me a rose of the desert,
A flower desired by many, discovered by none.
But you, being the fortunate one.

You spoke of a blue night of celestial bodies
With a Blue Moon caressing you, in blue light,
You set alight your passionate wishes,
You beacon the Heavens above,
Desiring desert rose, you seek her love.

Desert rose blossomed on a dune,
Nourishing on rain clouds,
Nurtured by the flames of passion,
By a sphere of infuriating heat,
Radiating your love and endless enchantment.
Beautiful and sweet.
As the wildest honey,
Ever tasted by sunny.

Gently stirring to the cold desert wind,
On a dry desolate expanse, sea of sand,
Rare glimpse of magnificence, desert rose,
Radiates her glow on this dark clime.
Arms entwined in warm embrace,
Lips sealed in affectionate grace.
Your love for her burgeoned.
You have come close.
To loving the desert rose.