My Silent Love

a poem by Mary Mathew

Far away from this world lies a secret place,
A kingdom I created for just you and me,
A dreamland where you are my King
And I go there in this dreamland to think
Of myself as your queen, the only one you love.

I speak no words, for words I know is poor
In showing the depth of my love for you.
Then how shall I offer thee my heart so dear?
How, without a discourse of its tale of woe,
Oh I wish I could lay my life on this throne
And cry out my worship for you, the truth
I know you may not wish to hear of my love
For you, I wish to be more than your devotee.

My eyes speak of my love, yet you are blind
Of those feelings deeply immersed in my eyes.
My voice is quivering with untold uneasiness
When I converse with you, my lips are stilled.
I hope you hear it resounding with each heartbeat.
I always whisper longingly to the wind softly
My love for you, and it still lingers in the air.

I can bear; endure anything in the name of love.
How shall I make him believe, I ask Thee above.
How shall I earn his respect, his trust forever?
Though the misty vale I can battle through
And brave the world that comes between us but
I am powerless when you reject my love as untrue.
I sit alone waiting, with hope in my heart,
No longer wanting to be kept apart.
The secret passion I feel for you is not met
With your compassion, my heartfelt love is
A plaything for you, and somewhere I had lost
My heart forever, never gained by your one.

I know if you would give me one merciful glance
I know for sure my feelings for you will have a chance.
Like the setting sun by the sea, I slip to oblivion.
For me there is nothing beyond to see in the horizon
Of your eyes except the friendship that is sinking.
Each day I hope for a promising tomorrow
And I am left lamenting in my untold sorrow.
I could have used force to prove my feelings were true.
Yet I choose not, and remain content with my silent love.