Poems by
Antrina Valencia Rodrigues

Soul Love

a poem by Antrina Valencia Rodrigues

If you could ever see,
the inner me,
If you could ever try,
to breath love unto Me.
If you could ever touch grace,
lost in space.
If you could just love me – for me.

Then would I see the enchanted,
Then could I feel more wanted.
I see the splendours of Man,
And the downfall of good intentions.
Like, in timeless journey,
From searching to salvage,
I take what’s mine.
And that is you forever.

Can neither reach nor fathom
Your presence, can I?
The depth your love, I so deny.
Can’t seek, Can’t break,
Can’t face, Can’t take,
Can’t hold, Can’t Let go,
Can’t hate you any more.