Poems by
Anagha Ramanujam

Life in My Eyes

a poem by Anagha Ramanujam

“Life” is but a canvas spread,
Fill it with yellows and blues and greens and reds,
Live every moment that destiny unfolds,
A plethora of tricks and expressions, this song beholds-
The colours of sunshine reflected in a glass of wine,
The humming bees that on sweet nectar dine,
The hot cakes that out of the oven you toss,
The ducks in the lake that play knots and cross’,
The fresh drops of dew that on pearly roses grow,
The countless stars that to the moon every night bow,
The songs that cuckoo’s of the black forests sing
The gurgling waters of a sulfur spring,
The muffle of footsteps on a rainy day-
They all gather and come to say
This life is not to be wasted away
Live it well and remember in your wake,
That you’re blessed with all that you have today
And much more if only you’d realize it before it’s snatched away.