On the Path of Life

a poem by Mabel Annie Chacko

Many roads I have traveled, many thoughts I have had,
Some have been good and some have been bad.
Many choices I’ve made in the face of temptation,
None easily made or without hesitation.

Though all seemed right at the time they were made,
I had no way to know that many were forbade.
At the time they were made I was the lamb that was lost,
Falling prey to the wolves I suffered great loss.

But as God has known since the beginning of time,
‘Twas the way He would bring me to this destiny of mine.
He knew in the end His love would win out,
Bad thoughts in my mind, He’d block them all out.

Though He knew I would stray it would not be for long,
For He knew in the end I’d be singing His song.
He knew that His love was deep in my heart,
And He knew that we’re friends and that we’d never part.

So with His love rekindled, burning deep in my soul,
My problems will dwindle, He has made me whole.
And though I’ve no way to know what life will bring,
A glorious new song my heart will sing.

For God’s love will win out over all of the rest
His sights set high, He’ll make me the best.
I’ve found my way back, I’ve finally come home,
And I hope and I pray, no more will I roam.