The 7 Months of Hernan Ray – Part 1

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

On a balmy summer evening,
Sitting atop a hill was Hernan Ray.
All around him he saw pure beauty-
The golden glow of the setting sun.
The wind playing with the grass.
The trees dancing to the merry tunes of the birds.
Alongside him lay his lady love-
He called her Felicia.
With locks of golden brown hair,
Eyes so deep and blue – it seemed as if the sky took refuge in them.
Lips that spoke to him even when they were sealed.
Skin as soft as precious silk.
They were to experience wedding bliss in 7 months.
Everything seemed perfect.
But amongst this beauty – amongst all these perfect sights that nature offered,
There was heard the sad song of a bird.
It pained the heart of Hernan Ray,
For the song warned of impending doom.
What could it mean?
Wondered the young Hernan Ray.