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The Self and Nature

a poem by Ajayaraj

Cutting animals like vegetables and eating
Animistic passion fire in the high
When human beings are killing animals then
Killing humans also mental desire.

Meat is dissolving with meat of human body
Acting to act of the dead body in.
Cruel to animals for fun of the tasty food
Cruel to fellows for selfish wishes.

Keeping the self as the center of selfishness
Losing the self in the infinity.
Nature is infinite, incapable to man
Possible for anything to happen.

Not any beginning and not any ending and
Events are happening conditionally.
Relative to condition happening events and
Happened the event, the birth of human.

Life is mere but to exist in form given
Right of living is for every being.
Culture the gift of the nature to man is to
Know the real nature in relative.

Instead running for the selfish motivation
Discover sense of the natural self.
Infinite nature can respond beyond human
Teaching in all the way fitting to live.

Finding the self in the infinite nature who
Finding the nature in natural ways.
State of the existence is the energy in
Conditional and to the state relative.