The Rumour Mongers II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Like mosquitoes rumour mongers multiply and mar the progress of mankind;
These vermin alias rumour mongers work for the break of big families here.
If a family or a nation splits it’s a great fun for these green parasites;
Advantage they take of the opposing parties by spreading rumours adverse;
And pass on to new pastures to confuse and collapse the healthy in disease
Injecting seeds of destruction while eating the vitals of the society in rumours.

Antidotes have to be used to arrest the aggression of the invisible viruses;
To catch the rats, the cats have to be pressed into service;
To remove thorns needles have to be used tactfully;
Two negatives make one positive says a well known formula;
So, to stop the harmful rumours counter rumours have to be spread
And action and reaction have to be equal and opposite in direction!

In the good man’s attire enemies move shoulder to shoulder;
A particular personal problem they make a general matter
Beating about the issue with full of ferocity and verbosity
Leading to a serious crisis quite boiling and unmanageable.
Once that issue is diffused they start with another useless one
And blow it to make it big till it is identified and diffused again.
This is how main issues are side-tacked as pending matters
And the dynamic activity of the society is retarded to stagnation.

People who don’t like better changes follow the delaying tactics
And so pull on the days advantageously as long as they can
Just carrying out the routine with much fuss and foppery.
If at all they learn anything new it will be at the expense of the public
By impairing the vital machineries while experimenting with inept ideas
And incurring heavy loss to the organisation for every extra assignment.
They neither learn anything new nor do anything good to anyone.

Why do they do so when there are so many good things to be done in this world?
Perhaps suspicion, fear, small mind and ignorance are the causes for the trouble.
Ashamed to reveal this for rectification they hide them to deteriorate in their hearts;
And so they are useful neither to themselves nor to others due to closed hearts.