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Personified Image

a poem by Ajayaraj

I am searching for the photo
Even One is out side there.
Searching for the Godly power
Watch in Photo; Come from where?

Heart is weeping, brain stops thinking
When I pray in front of that,
I need always entity,
Identity of my own?

Looking into deep in heart
Where the thinking stopping last
There I see a light of love
Lighting Idol in my front.

Power is vested in the self,
Power is required wake it up
Power that waking, linking with
Power of Nature, true in sense.

Oh my Guruji, You Nature!
Changing power of my nature,
Showering Love on me always
Caring, guiding in my life.

Mind is always fallacy,
Taking always for a ride,
When the brain stops fallacies,
Heart is kindled by your grace.

Let me realize power of me
Like a river to flow to you,
You are Ocean linking me,
Fusion, killing confusion.

Let me have a heart to pray,
Let me see you in all Gods,
Let me love you all the time,
Let me one with you all time.