Poems by
Ajay Jayakumar

I Feel Good

a poem by Ajay Jayakumar

I am going really wild.
Not over a child,
But a cute little girl
Who makes my heart twirl

I am always engrossed in her smile,
And it always takes me a while.
To realise it is not a dream
And now my life is like a stream

Both of us don’t know each other
So we might go through rough weather
I do hope everything goes fine
And be bright and happy as sunshine

When her star like eyes blink,
I feel like I am going to sink,
I am figuring out the missing link
Just to see her rosy cheeks go pink,

I appreciate what I have got
As I care about her a lot,
With her, I want to dance and dine,
And I hope she is always mine.