For Dad

a poem by Sumita Jagannathan

Just for one minute, I stopped to reflect
How much love can one’s life affect
Yesterday I was but a blur in the crowd
Today, your trust and affection make me proud
I realize as a person, my thoughts may waver
What now I think, tomorrow may not favour
A tad indecisive, I might sometimes appear
Mountains I may cross, but closeness I fear
I long to be loved, yet I hold back
That’s me I know, I take the slowest track
I hope you know my feelings are real
My mind awakens as my heart begins to feel
More often than not, I chose not to speak
Words from my mouth left me not stronger, but weak
You have always given me that sweet smile
Now my words tumble out mile after mile
Unlocked, my thoughts being to flow endlessly
I grope for words, to express hopefully
That whoever I am, whatever I say
I’ll be the daughter you will love everyday.