Poems by
Adurthi Sushana

Unexpected Loneness

a poem by Adurthi Sushana

hidden on a small planet behind a star
this finding not wanted by either
no rediscovering of what we had
both been fleeing
yet, between us- you in your hovering spacecraft,
me on my silent world
a fire was lit
no, our hearts protested
no more encroaching,
promises spoken, then broken
no more!!
We had been very good at our hiding
until then
but if there are truly no accidents
in this divinity-driven cosmos
we must have actually been searching
for what we believed we no longer wanted to find
one day a change came
was it the solar winds?
A meteor striking a planet nearby?
You pulled back
began to withdraw
the next day you were gone
darkness set in.
I amused myself by gathering stardust,
grabbed the edge of the Milky Way
and floated,
planted a flower,
danced through the forest
after a long while I renewed
at peace once more with my aloneness.