Poems by
Adurthi Sushana

A Widow’s Thoughts

a poem by Adurthi Sushana

Love, I do concede,
A vision across the table white,
You looked at me, our eyes did meet,
There flashed a passion strong,
I realized then how much I cared,
And now for you I long.
Now that you’ve gone and left me here,
Now that I’m all alone,
I sit and while away the days,
Here in the house that we called home.
Everything I knew of love,
Died along with you,
Every fiber of my soul,
All that I held dear and true.
You see my love, my one and only,
I remember you this night,
Of all the times we held embrace,
Of when your spirit shined so bright.
My love, my one and only,
I’ve lost you, now your gone,
But lose I never will, the sweetest gift!
That was the time spent together.